What is Intrinsic Marketing?

Part One:

Consumer Research

The first step to any Intrinsic campaign is listening to the customer. While many believe consumer research is only necessary in the planning phase, we view is as the underlying constant in our strategy. Closed loop feedback is extremely important to a customer focused approach. We use a variety of market research techniques, included surveys, focus groups, customer observation and user experience trials to be sure we are consistently listening to the pulse of your target market. 

Part Two:

Inbound Marketing

There is nothing more organic than creating a methodology that encourages your customers to come to you. Intrinsic is a proud proponent of Inbound Marketing, and the creators behind the strategy. We believe in creating a content marketing strategy that is advertised digitally to speak to your customers right when they need you. 

We help our customers build inbound marketing funnels, connect their inbound leads to a help-based sales process, and integrate with marketing automation and CRM tools.

Part Three: 

User Experience

Once you have amazing customers, you want to work on your product to keep them happy, and keep them buying. We offer product marketing consults and advanced customer nurturing and loyalty techniques to help build you a strong sense of brand and community. We want to reinvent the way your customer experiences your product so you stand out, and stay ahead of the curve. 

Using our closed loop feedback, we are constant workshopping and improving both internal and external processes, and making sure they stay digitally seamless and well marketed.