Intrinsic (adjective) - belonging naturally; essential

Our Mission

We have a vision. We believe in a world where the relationship between brand and consumer is so natural it's symbiotic; a world where people easily find the messages they need to hear, and brands speak directly to those they can help the most. 

Every day, companies spend millions of dollars shouting messages from the mountain tops that they'd like people to believe about their brands. But what if we diverted all of those resources into investments in the customers? Our goal at Intrinsic is to revolutionize the way brands communicate, and to prioritize the experience over the messaging. When you talk less, and listen more, you hear the true needs of your customers, and put the onus of control back in their hands.  This investment  leads to raw, truthful, and engaging storytelling that keeps people talking, and buying, for a fraction of the cost. 

Recent studies show that the average person is exposed to over 4,000 branded messages a day, and we only process 3% of them. In today's modern age, human attention is the scarcest resource. Let's stop trying to get people's attention, and start earning it. The definition of Intrinsic is that which naturally belongs, and what makes its subject essential. Our mission is to market and sell brands, not through interruption, but through natural story telling and seamless customer experiences that speak to your consumers' true needs. We want your brand to invest in it's customers, so people look at working with you as investing in themselves. 

In the age of digital marketing and a re-assessment of traditional forms of advertising, we focus on the people buying your products, not the media outlets who message them. Our goal is to create marketing that focuses on moments, and builds a sense of community and loyalty no amount of marketing dollars can buy. 

A good product is remembered for a day, but a good experience is remembered for a lifetime.
— AJ Marino, CEO